How to use the Events Calendar

How to Post Your Event!

calendarThis is how the calendar is displayed on the site. To add an information to the calendar, click on a date.


This is shown after clicking on date:



 The information put in the short title is what is displayed on the calendar.

When a visitor clicks on the title they view the detailed information the description.

The Date is the choice that was made from the calendar, however if you click on the image they can change the date, month, or year without leaving this page. It will open a calendar.

The last option is Repeat when. How often the event will be repeated.

The choice are:
   Never (one-day event)
   On a daily basis
   On a weekly basis  *see Weekly basis below
   On a monthly basis
   On a yearly basis

If you choose Never (one-day event), you are finished and ready to click Submit.


If you choose weekly, monthly, or yearly you will have a few more choices.

These are related to the Repeat option above. In this image the choice was on a monthly basis.


The first option is how how often the event is repeated. This example is set on every 3 months. This ad will run every 3 months (such as January, April, July, October, starting the month you chose to start the event).

The next option is how long do you want the event to run: Indefinitely, For this many months __ (weeks or years if that option was chosen) or Until this date (use to choose a date to stop showing the event)

If you choose *Weekly basis  you will also be able to choose which days of the week to run the event on: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Choose one or all.

When finished click Submit

calendar6After the event has been Submitted, there is an option to upload an image to accompany the event. This is optional and if chosen, the image will be viewed on the details page and not on the calendar it's self.

To skip this option, use the  " click here to return." at the bottom of the page.

To upload an image click Browse to find the image on your computer. Then click Upload.

Now that the event has been submitted the admin must approve the event before it will show up. The admin will receive an email notification that an event has been submitted. Upon admin approval your event will show up on the calendar, usually with 24 hours.