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  • Australasia's coolest little city?
    Dunedin, on New Zealand's idyllic South Island, isn't getting as many tourists as nearby Queenstown. But that's good news for travelers who want to experience the country's famous hospitality but aren't as keen on Hobbits.
  • 5 great places to visit in July
    School's out and the heat's on in July. This is peak travel season in the USA, much of Europe and a lot of the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Life span of an airplane
    Aerial photographer Mike Kelley followed an airplane from assembly at Boeing Field to dismemberment in an aircraft boneyard in the deserts of California.
  • Asia's latest state-of-the-art water show
    A state-of-the-art water stage, 3D visual effects, hundreds of performers, authentic costumes, live music, martial arts, pyrotechnics, dancing ....
  • Yosemite's biggest restoration in history
    Yosemite National Park's giant sequoia trees now have a safer place to grow after $40 million in renovations designed to make the Mariposa Grove more peaceful.
  • Chihuly sculpture lights up Biltmore estate
    Standing on tall ladders, two workers place pieces of brightly colored glass onto a tree-like structure in the middle of a manicured garden at Biltmore.
  • Incredible personal aircraft designs revealed
    A giant egg equipped with rotors and "Transformers"-style robots are among some of the creative designs submitted in a $2 million dollar contest to dream up new ways of flying.
  • 25 of the best places to visit in the UK
    From vibrant, culture-laden cities to peaceful areas of outstanding natural beauty, the UK is an incredibly diverse destination for travelers.
  • China's forgotten village swallowed by nature
    Like something straight out of a fairytale, the abandoned village of Houtouwan on Shengshan Island, part of the Shengsi Archipelago off the eastern coast of China, has recently become an Internet sensation and an unusual travel hotspot.
  • The hotel that's shaking up the Riviera Maya
    The dappled Caribbean sunshine and white sand seem even more relaxing from the balcony of a duchess.
  • Europe's most relaxing city
    It's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but Budapest can also make a claim to be one of the most relaxing, thanks to a secret buried beneath its beautiful architecture.
  • Airport abandoned for 44 years
    For the past 44 years, the once vibrant and state-of-the-art Nicosia International Airport has remained shut, a fading and painful relic of Cyprus's turbulent history.
  • City of Cliffs is France's best-kept secret
    Perched high up a white limestone cliff on the southern coast of Corsica lies the largely undiscovered medieval town of Bonifacio.
  • The world's comfiest airplane seats?
    Singapore Airlines has redesigned its premium economy seats to prepare for its new 19-hour flight route between Singapore and New York.
  • This tiny town is the site of Disney's 'lost' park

  • No worries for this orphaned baby bear
    This baby brown bear's mom was killed illegally in Nome, Alaska, but Wildlife Troopers knew just what to do. Now the bear cub is on its way to a permanent home.
  • James Bond museum opens atop Austrian mountain
    New museum in the Austrian alps will showcase location chosen for "Spectre" movie on top of 3,000 meter mountain.
  • This is so much better than Cancún
    This small boutique Hotel Esencia is less than 2 hours from Cancún, but offers the peace and tranquility of Mexico's jungle and Caribbean coastline.
  • The diamond capital of the world
    With its flat-fronted 1960s buildings and plain color scheme, Hoveniersstraat might be dismissed as one of the most drab streets in the pretty baroque Belgian city of Antwerp.
  • 14 terrifying suspension bridges
    It's just physics. Friendly civil engineering.
  • Darren Aronofsky reflects on traveling with Bourdain
    Darren Aronofsky reflects on his relationship with Anthony Bourdain. The two traveled together for "Parts Unknown" episodes in Madagascar, and, more recently, Bhutan.

  • Hungary's famous food personality Zsofia Mautner introduces CNN Travel to Budapest's food scene, including Michelin star goulash and "dirty" street food.

  • Looking for the best photo spots that showcase Budapest's beauty? CNN meets two local Instagram stars who show us their favorite locations.
  • Trash can to table: The rise of waste cafes
    The Real Junk Food Project recovers and sells waste food, letting customers pay as much or as little as they like.
  • Namibia's Skeleton Coast: A journey through the 'end of the Earth'
    Namibia's Skeleton Coast blows away preconceived notions about what Africa should be. It's probably as close as we get to the mythical "end of the Earth."

  • Fiji is home to 333 tropical islands, many of which play host to secluded retreats. From overwater bungalows to clifftop villas, these are a few of the most romantic hotels in the sun-kissed country.
  • Chinese restaurant's all-you-can-eat deal goes very wrong
    Less than two weeks after it launched an all-you-can-eat campaign, Jiamener Hotpot Restaurant in Chengdu closes its doors.

  • Bourdain seeks to understand Buddhism in Bhutan. Watch Parts Unknown Sundays at 9PM ET/PT on CNN.

  • Anthony Bourdain examines the spiritual side of the culture in this distant land. Watch Parts Unknown Sundays at 9PM ET/PT on CNN.

  • Bourdain drinks yak-butter tea and talks to traditional Bhutanese yak herders. Watch Parts Unknown Sundays at 9PM ET/PT on CNN.
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