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Meth Labs
In Colorado Springs 153 meth labs were found last year and it is estimated 200 will surface this year. There are distinct environmental/health risks that remain on the property even after the lab is no longer there. Here are a few tips from the Colorado Springs Police Department:

If you suspect a meth lab is located in your rental property, contact the Police Department immediately.
You will have to arrange for eviction of the tenant and for clean-up.

You can detect the presence of a meth lab: 1) lots of traffic in and out of the house, 2) strong chemical odor smelling somewhat like a paint shop (solvents), 3) the odor burns your throat, nose and eyes, 4) you can test the walls inside the house by spraying starch on the wall the presence of iodine will stain the walls black or purple, and 5) strange, but true a room in the house will be filled with lots of disassembled electronic equipment (to occupy their time).

The chemical waste permeates the walls, carpets, everything. There are a few pending lawsuits in Colorado pertaining to new tenants or owners who got sick from the contamination.

Clean up of the waste averages $5,000. There are several firms who will do this; they are listed in the yellow pages under Environmental Clean-up.

When in doubt, contact the Colorado Springs Police Department, 444-7000.

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