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Buying Video Games for Kids 101 - The Parents Guide
Written by Barry Wireless

Wednesday, 23 November 2005

With video game sales burgeoning beyond a multi-billion dollar industry, video gaming is fast becoming the favourite pastime of adults and kids. Quickly replacing the likes of internet, TV, and good old fashion outside playtime, the target market for video games is stretching to younger audiences. Although the dynamics of the entertainment market are continually changing, a problem lies not with younger video gamers, but what games these button fiends play. Despite a growing number of younger gamers this does not entail video games are becoming more sensitive to their impressionable markets. Video game violence is not only the norm, but is increasing in popularity, regularity, and vulgarity. Take for instance the latest Grand Theft Auto release GTA 4: San Andreas. This past July, it was discovered that the already violent video game, (gamer situations include killing police officers, gang violence, etc.,) held a hidden X-rated mini game unlockable for your enjoyment. Whats even more disturbing is the frequency kids discuss these with awe at school and playtime (assuming they play things other than video games.)

Fertilizing Lawns
Fertilizing lawns in the fall is a highly recommended lawn care practice. Winterizer fertilizers are used in the fall (late-season) because they provide a number of benefits to lawns:

Water your lawn in the winter?
Unfortunately, Colorado’s winters are too cold to leave the automatic sprinkler system on, but too dry for lawns and many trees and shrubs

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